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Escape to Victory White Retro Football Shirt

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Escape to Victory White Retro Football Shirt. So a hearty welcome to all our listeners in England. There are only a few minutes to go before the kick off of this historic match This great crowd of about 50,000 really have something to look forward to during the next 90 minutes. To ensure fair play and good sportsmanship, the german organisers have picked a neutral to referee the match...and he is now ready for the toss of the coin. The winner will have his choice of kicking off or defending, but will most probably choose to play towards the east goal with wind in his favour. Captain Bauman has done just that, and the allies will kick off this great event. Well I tell you years from now, man will say of this game, did it happen? well I tell you in the listening audience today, it is happening. We're all witness's to an occasion long to be remembered, not as propaganda as some would say, but as a magnificent sporting spectacle. "HERE'S TO VICTORY!" ALLIES (Visitors) 1. Robert Hatch (USA) (SYLVESTER STALONE) 2. Michael Fileu (Bel) (PAUL VAN HIMST) 3. Cptn John COLBY (UK) (MICHAEL CAINE) 4. Pieter Van Beck (Hol) (CO PRINS) 5. Doug Clure(UK) - (RUSSELL OSMAN) 6. Terry Brady (UK) (BOBBY MOORE) 7. Arthur Hayes(Sco) (JOHN WARK) 8. Carlos Rey (Arg) (OSSIE ARDILES) 9. Sid Harmor (UK) (MIKE SUMERBEE) 10. Luis Fernandez (Bra) (PELE) 11. Erik Borge(Denmark) (SOREN LINDSTED) Subs Paul Wolchek (Pol) (KAZIMARIEZ DEYNA) On for no 7. Gunnar Hilsson (Nor)(HALLVAR THORESEN) on for no 4. THE DESIGN OF THIS SHIRT AND THE CLOTHING RIGHTS TO ESCAPE TO VICTORY BY NAME ARE TRADEMARKS OF TOFFS IN CLASSES 25 FOR CLOTHING AND 9 FOR DIGITAL MEDIA ®.